Peter Felix Kellermann

Focus On Psychodrama: The Therapeutic Aspects of Psychodrama

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This textbook is for all students and practioners of psychodrama and drama, and professionals seeking to extend their knowledge of creative arts therapies. The author provides a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of psychodrama, presenting a systematic analysis of its essential therapeutic ingredients. He specifies the core issues involved, discussing the interpersonal, the emotional, the imaginary, the behavioural and the cognitive elements.

The book examines the professional roles assumed by psychodramatists and establishes the skills required in each role. Explored is the use of the concept of acting out, both in psychodrama and psychoanalysis, and the author also discusses the problem of resistance, and the importance of the concept and technique of closure in each psychodrama. A processing checklist is added at the end of the book as a systematic aid in evaluating the professional skills of the psychodramatist.

The chapters are both pragmatic and solidly grounded in theory, thereby providing students with an effective, in-depth alternative to the traditional verbal therapies.

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  • Kirjailija: Peter Felix Kellermann
  • Kirjan nimi: Focus On Psychodrama: The Therapeutic Aspects of Psychodrama
  • Kustantaja: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • Sivumäärä: 192
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  • Vuosi: 1992
  • Kieli: eng
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