J. S. M. Ward

Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods

Freemasonry And The Ancient Gods Kirjat

J. S. M. Ward

Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods

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Part I

A Similar System Exists Among the Mohammedans; Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods of India; Symbolic Conception of FM and India; R.A. Proves the Truth of this Contention; Brief Summary of Hindoo and Other Eastern Doctrines Traceable in Freemasonry; Lost Sign in Masonry and the "Operative" Masons; Letter "G"; Mark Degree; Masonic Signs and Grips the World Over; Our Signs and Grips in Africa; America and Australasia; Ancient Europe; Origin of Freemasonry; Mythos; When Did the Purely Jewish Influence Enter? Brief Summary of the True Line of Descent of Modern Freemasonry; Comacines; Ancient Charges and What They Tell Us; Decline of the Guilds; Darkness Before the Dawn; Formation of Grand Lodge; Early History of Grand Lodge.

Part II

The So-Called Higher Degrees; Ancient and Accepted Rite; Remaining Degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Rite; Cross and the Vesica Piscis; Two Kinds of Cross; Crosses in the Craft; Vesica Piscis; Rose Croix and Kindred Degrees; So-Called "York Rite" and Allied Degrees; Knights Templars; What Were the Beliefs of the Templars? Are There Any Traces of the Old Templar Ceremonies in the Masonic Templar Ritual? Other Chivalric Degrees in Freemasonry.

Part III

Iconoclasm in Freemasonry; Brief Summary of Evidence as to the Antiquity of our Signs; Grand Ideal; The First Steps; Ancient Wisdom and Modern Masonry.


The Bora Ceremony.

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