Rain Al-Alim

Jinn Sorcery

Rain Al-Alim

Jinn Sorcery

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Jinn Sorcery by Rain Al-Alim is a compilation of jinn conjurations and rituals translated from rare Arabic manuscripts in the author’s private collection.

Following an introduction summarising traditional beliefs about the world and nature of the jinn, the author proceeds to give a brief outline of the Middle Eastern occult methods for summoning these beings, techniques of dream divination, the mandal and invocation. In his Preface, Al-Alim writes:

‘Many of the methods and techniques covered in the old Arabic manuscripts and grimoires are unknown to Western readers. This book is primarily intended for this audience, presenting a complete translation of jinn summoning techniques selected from multiple magical treatises that will bridge the gap between the Western and Islamic occult sciences. My wish is to facilitate the exchange of esoteric ideas between the two worlds, and to inspire further research on the subject.’

The main body of the work comprises translations into English of numerous rituals and operations selected from manuscripts, primarily from Egypt and Morocco, in the author's collection.



I Conjuring Jinn for Dream Revelation
II Al-Mandal: Techniques of Scrying
III Jinn Workings and Evocation Rites
IV Summoning the Personal Qareen
V The Seven Jinn Evictions


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