J. L. Moreno

Psychodrama Vol. 2: Foundations of Psychotherapy

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The psychodramatic method uses mainly five instruments - the stage, the subject or patient, the director, the staff or therapeutic aides or auxiliary egos and the audience.... Now that we have described the five basic instruments required to run a psychodramatic session we may ask ourselves: to what effect? We will limit ourselves here to the description of a single phenomenon, mental catharsis....(M)y aim has been to define catharsis in such a way that all forms of influence which have demonstrable cathartic effect can be shown as positive steps within a single total process of operation. I discovered the common principle producing catharsis to be: spontaneity.

J. L. Moreno wrote books, chapters and articles about psychodrama. His writing, like the method he pioneered, is rich and complex. Many students, practitioners and participants around the world have encountered Moreno's work in action; however, fewer people may have had the opportunity to read and think about the 'words of the father' due to the limited availability of key texts. A desire to ensure Moreno's work is available to the widest possible audience inspired members of the North West Psychodrama Association to work together to re-publish the books in this series. We hope by doing so J. L. Moreno's words will continue to reverberate across time and space: inspiring new generations of practitioners to be as creative and spontaneous as is possible whilst managing the complexity of modern day practice.

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