Peter Grey

The Two Antichrists

The Two Antichrists Kirjat

Peter Grey

The Two Antichrists

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The Two Antichrists is a monograph on the figure of Antichrist in a post-Christian and progressive Thelemic context.

Opening with considerations on the future of witchcraft and its relation to radical ecology, Grey returns to the Babalon Working of Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard, and considers a series of little examined texts from science fiction and the outer fringes of Scientology which form a ‘Babalon Apocrypha.’ By reading across these sources, the familiar story is revealed to have hidden depths and dimensions. Exploring the role of Antichrist in relation to Parsons and Hubbard, Grey provides insights into the initiatory drama of Thelema: of Satanic rites, Abyss and Angel. The Two Antichrists observes the long shadow cast by the monolith of Scientology, and Parsons’ eclipsed sodality The Witchcraft. Looking to the future, he envisions an emergent space witchcraft, infused with the spirit of Do What Thou Wilt. 

The book concludes with a series of non-denominational rituals and revised Antichrist workings. The work is a fusion of inspiration, research and ritual, from which Grey draws the first lines of his vision of witchcraft in the dusk of our world.

The work stands as a companion to Lucifer: Praxis (forthcoming 2022), and continues the trajectory initiated with The Red Goddess and pursued through Apocalyptic Witchcraft.


A Vision from the Abyss

Past Futures and Futures to Come
Malachite Green
Triumph over the Moon
The Terrible Equation and the Aperture

The Babalon Apocrypha

The Perfect Initiate
The Triangle of Art
Unknown Pleasures
Admissions and Affirmations
The Atomic God-Man
Schemes and Pyramids
Eldritch Philadelphia
The Two Antichrists
The Manifesto of the Antichrist
Against God
Thelemic Witchcraft
Two Years of Fury
The Disastrous Star of the White Scribe
Alpha and Omega


i Tetelestai
ii The Reformed Antichrist Rite
iii The New Antichrist Rite
iv The Remote Station
v The Eleventh Hour


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